Writing a manifesto samples

Print this page Open-ended questions are one of the most valuable tools for those who sell if followed up by listening. They help gather information, qualify sales opportunities, and establish rapport, trust and credibility.

Writing a manifesto samples

Yes, the spacecraft has a hand-waving faster-than-light drive but the rest of the details are impressively hard.

writing a manifesto samples

This might have something to do with the fact that Mr. McCollum has a major in aerospace propulsion and a minor in nuclear engineering. He work on the precursor to the Space Shuttle main engine.

One of my preferences for including a given spacecraft in the Realistic Designs pages is that I can calculate the ship's delta-V.

For the Discovery, I did not have to calculate it, it is actually given in the novel. Having said that, understand that this thing is a freaking torchship. Both the thrust and delta V are outrageous.


At the start of the novel, the Battlecruiser Discovery is in a 1, km orbit around the planet Alta with full fuel tanks. To everybody's surprise, a large starship appears at the star system's sole jump point and takes off accelerating at one half gee heading away from Alta.

Everybody is surprised because the jump point vanished years ago, and nobody knew it had reappeared. This is linked to the Antares supernova, but I digress. The Discovery is dispatched to intercept the large starship.

This will be a challenge since the jump point is million kilometers away from Alta and the large starship is showing no sign of stopping its burn. They don't realize it yet but the large ship is a full blown Blastship, and it has an order of magnitude more delta V.

Blastship appears million km from Alta. Discovery departs Alta to intercept blastship. Starts Burn 1 33 hours at 3. End of Burn 1. Discovery does skew-flip and starts deceleration Burn 2 21 hours at 3. Discovery rendezvous with blastship.

Inspired By Reality

Discovery matches blastship acceleration of 0. Discovery can do this for only 12 hours before it has to abandon the chase or not have enough fuel to return to Alta.

Discovery has 4 hours before forced to abandon chase. Blastship's fuel tanks are identified by thermal imaging.

Discovery punctures all six fuel tanks using secondary laser weapons. Discovery has 3 hours before forced to abandon chase.

Blastship's fuel tanks finally run empty through punctures and blastship stops accelerating, as does Discovery. The blastship turns out to have a dead crew, lots of battle damage, and is running on autopilot.

After a week of studying the blastship, Discovery receives a recall message from home base. Blastship will be intercepted later by a tanker and repair ship.

Start of deceleration Burn 3 21 hours at 2g.The talks will take place on July (click the interested talk for its abstract).

writing a manifesto samples

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