Why i want to be a sonographer essay

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Why i want to be a sonographer essay

Where did you get that information? Also, states generally do not dictate specific safety rules for MRI suites. Rather, accreditation bodies such as the American College of Radiology and The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations continually publish updated safety guidelines.

Shellock is an important contributor to these guidelines. This was a lazy and unnecessarily incendiary "report" on the dangers of MRI exams. October 26, at When I had my last MRI, my ears were ringing slightly after a 45 minute scan.

I wish the technicians had offered earplugs as it would have really helped. No permanent damage, but it was similar to a transatlantic flight with a seat right next to the engines in terms of the numbing effect in my ears.

They also allow the machine to determine all necessary adjustments, to include the amount of Electromagnetic Radiation to be given to a patient. That is just too scary. There are bad techs out there, and that is risky for the patient.

I can tell you that when we quenched one of the old scanners several years ago to enable replacement, several high-quality metal pens came out as a result of "highly educated" physicians with expensive pens walking up to the scanner with that pen in their pocket. Some other metal items came tumbling out as well.

It only takes a single moment of forgetfulness to endanger yourself or anyone standing around the scanner.

Training and drilling of ALL people is essential. MRI is very safe but accidents will always happen because people are flawed. You did bring up some good facts, but that alone makes me question how much you actually know about the operations of your facilities. If I were to grade the work of whoever was in charge of presenting this report — they would fail miserably.

Unless their assignment were to present a tabloid-like attention-grabber — at which point I would grade them higher, but still fail them — for spreading false information tantamount to lies, for the purpose of selling website hits.

CNN should be embarrassed — yet there is no accountability just like supermarket tabloids. As for the statement that technologists are in charge of MRI safetythat is false.

National safety guidelines are established on multiple fronts — american college of radiology, peer-reviewed research, etc. Safety within individual clinics has to follow these guidelines in order to be accredited. This is established by the supervising physician, clinic manager, etc — and is enforced by the technologist, as well as every worker within the clinic.

These guidelines have been around for roughly 30 years — and are absolutely effective. As for technologist training — they must attend at least 2 years of college, including in-hospital training, prior to graduation. Then state license must be obtained. After that, a regulated large number of varied MRI procedures have to be logged by the individual — which may be accomplished through an MRI training site — or under supervision during on the job training.

Not until then, are they allowed to sit for MRI registry — a difficult exam to pass, encompassing MRI physics, cross-sectional human anatomy, MRI safety, patient interactions, etc.

Why i want to be a sonographer essay

In addition, continuing medical education must be earned each year in order to be able to maintain their state license. In contrast — from what I understand, a beautician's training varies from a 2-year degree — to as little as a high school diploma with on the job training.

The "R" in MRI does not stand for radiation; it stands for resonance. CNN, please get ALL of your facts straight before you post garbage like this; you don't have a clue what you are talking about in this matter. October 27, at I believe I was abducted in by grey aliens belive it or not and I have an implant which was placed up my nose in this area of the brain.

From what I have read and seen on TV since the objects are probably metal in nature, though of substances not of this earth.Reply lisa richmond December 9, at am.

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This cover letter is aimed at a recruited that can put into contact with various employers in your f. During the time I worked, they were gearing us up for Healthcare Reform, and when it started, it was a mess.

We had a very high call volume for half the year and since most issues had to do with the systems, we had limited access to helping the members. Reply lisa richmond December 9, at am. I’am a christan women seeking to further my education in theology, i want to help other woman as my self to open up about domestic volience it time for our voive to be heard thru gods word and knowing we can over come thru christ.

Uh, does anyone see a problem with this? We want to push the DNA into the cell, right? But, if DNA and the cell membrane have the same charge, this is going to be like trying to push the negative.

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