What are the primary advantages and disadvantages of job specialization

Job enrichment offers employees an opportunity to do tasks that are different than what was originally outlined in their job descriptions and job objectives. Job enrichment includes advantages and disadvantages. Learn New Skills When an employee's level of responsibility increases, and she gets the opportunity to try new tasks, it's inevitable that she will learn new skills. An employee who is responsible for deciding which internal products to advertise in the company's email newsletter, might also come up with advertising tests for their products, testing pricing and placement, in a job enrichment situation.

What are the primary advantages and disadvantages of job specialization

If your business is broken down into several different jobs instead of having employees complete two or more tasks, they will complete one task during their shifts.

Specialized employees provide you with quality over quantity, but there are some disadvantages of specialization, as well. Advantages of Specialization Risk Reduction: An employee who performs the same task repeatedly by specializing in it is less likely to make a mistake.

They are familiar with the pitfalls and issues that a nonspecialist performing that task would not know. A big advantage of specialization is that employees feel a certain camaraderie with others in their department or skill set.

Even if an employee is a lone specialist in what they do, it still brings a feeling of immense pride. Training one person to do a particular job saves money and time in training. Transferring or moving employees from a task they are skilled in to a task they are not means potentially wasting a lot of resources.

The advantage of specialization in a task is that there is a virtual guarantee of not having to expend money to perform the same task over again because the specialist knows it very well. Time wasted is money wasted. Training multiple people to do many tasks can result in all of them being at least okay at doing it, whereas a few people specializing in the task means it will be done more quickly and with greater ease.

Disadvantages of Specialization Complacency: Repetitive routine runs the risk of monotony, and boredom often leads to complacency, so much so that mistakes can happen.

New tasks and routines engage the brain and body, forcing a concentrated focus. The disadvantage of specialization means taking the chance that complacency could lead to missteps, which can cost the company money and compromise safety.

An innate satisfaction comes from understanding an entire procedure. Specialization can lead to a feeling of isolation, of being divided from the whole. A decline in work ethic is the danger here. If an employee who specializes in a task or procedure is not available when it must be done as soon as possible, then someone who is not as adept at it must take over.

This is a huge disadvantage of specialization. Taking the time to teach a newbie the ropes in an emergency results in a loss of time and money. Stay Connected With Your Employees The advantages and disadvantages of employee specialization are usually two sides of the same coin.

What brings a company together can also divide it. Careful risk assessments and keeping your finger on the pulse of employee morale can guide a company into being most profitable.Advantages and Disadvantages of Work Specialization.

What are the primary advantages and disadvantages of job specialization

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Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Definition of job specialization, in other words it is actually a division of labour wherein it is realized that by giving more emphasis on the scope of activities, productivity increases.

It is advantages and disadvantages of. Job specialization is one of the key facets of the modern capitalist economy and offers a range of potential advantages for workers and the companies that employ them.

Productivity One of the most important aspects of job specialization is its potential to increase worker productivity and output. Solutions for Chapter 5 Problem 1DQ. Problem 1DQ: What are the primary advantages and disadvantages of job specialization?

What are the primary advantages and disadvantages of job specialization

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Nov 08,  · What are advantages and disadvantages of specialisation of workers? More questions Advantages and disadvantages of specialization and division of Status: Resolved.

Nov 08,  · Best Answer: Advantages of Specialization There are many reasons put forward as to why division of labour may increase productivity hence lower average (unit) costs of heartoftexashop.com: Resolved.

Advantages of Job Specialization: Some of the best advantages that come with job specialization have been enlisted in this section. Keep reading to find out more.

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