Use and develop systems that promote communication essay

Use and develop systems that promote communication Use and develop systems that promote communication 8 August Management There are many groups of people a Manager needs to communicate with in order to do the job effectively and efficiently. Staff need to be one of the first and most important groups. A Manager running a 24 hour service must recognise their staff are the promoters and advocates of the service in a Managers absence, next would be the service users themselves. Families need to be included in any changes, or plans for the service, and close friends of individuals.

Use and develop systems that promote communication essay

Use and develop systems that promote communication | Essay Example

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Use and develop systems that promote communication Essay Sample 1. Within a social care setting it is essential as a manager to communicate effectively as predominantly therapeutic interactions occur with vulnerable people and their families and with staff and visitors and often they may be experiencing difficult and challenging personal situations making the need for us to be excellent communicators even greater.

Interpersonal skills are those skills that enable us to interact with another person, allowing us to communicate successfully with them.

Use and develop systems that promote communication essay

In my role I must develop positive relationships with work colleagues and other professionals, share information with people using the services, by providing and receiving information and report on the work they do with people. My role must promote effective communication ensuring that people I interact with are put at ease and feel that they can freely communicate their concerns and needs and my aim is to ensure that they leave the interaction feeling better than they did initially.

When communicating with a person whether it is professional or personal when that interaction is made a relationship is formed. As Health professionals we need to make sure that the relationships that are formed are appropriate and we do this by following a code of professional conduct in Wales the Care council for Wales code of practice is followed, in England the General Social care Council guidelines for professional conduct and inclusion Care professional code of conduct a company policy is also in place to ensure interaction is appropriate.

Within my job role there are various groups of individuals that I communicate with and it varies from one-to-one interactions such as the clients I support to the supervision of staff. It ranges from formal to informal interactions of varying degrees, between colleagues, between professional and people using services, communication with professionals, multi-agency working, multi-professional working to group interactions such as team meetings and care reviews.

As a team leader you are responsible for the effective interaction with a diverse group of people meaning that a wide range of communication skills are required and that they are highly dependent upon the context in which the communication takes place.

An example of this could be information is delivered in a very factual manner to a young child or vulnerable person and in doing so may be wholly inappropriate when really they required an empathic response to a problem Tilmouth, T and Qualington, J, It is imperative to use a range of communication skills that allow you to successfully listen disseminate information, deliver information, use questioning to clarify, take written notes and formulate responses Caplin et al, Varying communicative interactions within my role would require a different response for example a one to one interaction would be handled in a way very differently to a group interaction as in a one to one situation the person you are about to communicate may feel anxious about that interaction so careful questions may be asked to put that person at ease.

Use and develop systems that promote communication essay

Another example may be that if I were dealing with a member of a multidisciplinary team I would make my interaction more formal and factual which too would be appropriate. Formal conversation is often used when a professional person, such as a health or social care worker, speaks to someone using a service.

It is clear, correct and avoids misunderstanding. Communication with a manager is usually formal. A manager is usually more distant from those they manage so that if they need to, for example, issue a formal warning to someone, it is less awkward for both parties than if they are friends.

Group communication is harder because it only works properly if everyone is able to be involved. In most groups there are people who speak a lot and others who speak rarely, if at all, because they feel uncomfortable speaking in front of a group of people or they are just not interested.

Groups work best if there is a team leader who encourages everyone to have a say in turn, rather than everyone trying to speak at once.

Is this member active, outgoing, and talkative — or passive, quiet and introverted? Is this member warm, open and positive — or negative and irritable? Is this member analytical, and task-oriented — or emotional, untraditional and possibly resentful.

Therefore the interaction within a staff team meeting can be complex and must be understood by the team leader to achieve the desired outcome within that group interaction. In conclusion we as managers must assess each interaction whether it is in a group or individually and communicate appropriately and effectively within our job role.

Use and develop systems that promote communication Essay Sample

In my job role as a senior support worker I show the staff that I am honest and trustworthy and am committed to working in their best interests and this also applies to my relationship to the client that I support. In our role we communicate effectively by regular ream meetings, shift handovers, client documentation such as daily client care, observation sheets and the communication book.

In some circumstances when a conversation you feel needs to be documented a contact sheet is to be done and sent into head office.Use and Develop Systems that Promote Communication Essay Sample. The learner can: Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role.

Use and develop systems that promote communication Essay Sample. Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in their own job role. Essay Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication. Use and Develop Systems that Promote Communication Communication (from Latin "communis", meaning to share) is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behavior.

Read more: Use Communication Systems to Promote Partnership Working It is vital that we are able to communicate effectively to build positive relationships. Firstly with the children so that they feel safe and secure enough to trust you and to ensure an enabling environment in which the .

Within my role as Team Leader, I communicate with a variety of people for various different ways. This would involve speaking to resident’s families and social workers (this could be in the form of a face –to –face service review which could also include the resident).

Communication is more than merely what we say.

Use and Develop Systems that Promote Communication | Essay Example

It is how we say things and what we understand from what is said to us. Communication comes in different signifiers. including verbal.

written word. lip reading. mark linguistic communication and even body linguistic communication.

Use and develop systems that promote communication | Essay Example