Us dairy industry leader supply chain

Inhe focused Aurora Dairy Corporation exclusively on organic dairy production. This was the beginning of Aurora Organic Dairy. He has also served as an international dairy industry consultant in Oman, Pakistan, Iran, Mexico and Belize.

Us dairy industry leader supply chain

How milk and other dairy products moo-ve from tens of thousands of cows to store shelves across the country — with udder efficiency. Relay Races to Optimize its Supply Chain Many dairy farmers, processors, and distributors employ technology to automate tasks previously done manually.

Automation not only streamlines the work, but it often allows farmers to produce more and better products, and to continually monitor the health of their herds. Ron Hurlimann has been a dairy farmer for nearly all his 62 years. The RFID tags track when a cow is eating or resting, as well as its health.

But, that investment has been worth it. These technological capabilities are increasingly critical as the dairy supply chain grows more complex.


One reason for the complexity is the proliferation of new dairy products, such as lactose-free milk, organic and Greek yogurt, and single-serve packages of ice cream.

Another reason for supply chain complexity is legislative. While dairy products have always been subject to temperature and cleanliness testing, the requirements are likely to become even more stringent when additional provisions within the Food Safety Modernization Act, which became law ingo into effect.

One example is the March 31,deadline for the final regulations related to the sanitary transportation of food. An efficient, effective supply chain is increasingly key to success within the dairy industry.

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How Now Dairy Cow? The dairy supply chain starts on one of the approximately 50, dairy farms in the United States. Milk typically moves from the cows via pipes connected to cooling storage tanks, also located on the farm. Any milk that fails is discarded. At the processor, milk is homogenized, pasteurized, packaged, and shipped to retailers in refrigerated trucks.

It often is on store shelves within two days after it leaves the farm, although some milk products, such as cheeses, take longer. Ensuring that milk moves rapidly from farm to store shelf is a complicated undertaking.

Despite some recent consolidation, the dairy industry remains largely fragmented. Inonly 1, farms had at least 1, cows, according to the U.

Even though milk poses a high risk of expiration and spoilage, it usually moves by truck rather than faster and more expensive transportation modes because of its weight. As a result, "supply chains need resilience to eliminate transportation and storage disruptions," says Elliot Rabinovich, a supply chain management professor at Arizona State University.See also our state-by-state Summary of Raw Milk Statutes and Administrative Codes for the actual wording of the laws/codes in each state, and see our Real Milk Finder for a listing of dairies by state.

Check the Raw Milk Bill Tracker to follow the status of current state legislation.. Alabama. Raw milk sales for human consumption are illegal.

Raw milk sales for animal consumption are legal if. The Keswick Enterprises Group is a United Kingdom-based group of companies specialising in logistics and supply chain-related services across Europe, the Middle East and beyond.

Us dairy industry leader supply chain

A sports nutrition enthusiast and long-time fitness hobbyist, Bauer oversees operations including supply chain, product development, quality and IT, promoted to COO in December having arrived as SVP of Supply Chain in August of the previous year.

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Us dairy industry leader supply chain

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