University of akron thesis

I want to know more about Why am I Finding Literature? It helps you find where your research fits in the discipline. Sometimes, your idea will improve a process that already exists and you can begin where the other researchers finished.

University of akron thesis

Stephanie Bissell, MS, The effects of quorum sensing on the phenotypes of pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria cells within a biofilm. My Diep, MS, Uniqueness of entropy solutions to hyperbolic-parabolic conservation laws.

Marlena Gouin, MS, Acid mine drainage remediation utilizing iron-oxidizing bacteria. Robert Moser, MS, A one-dimensional model of a proton-exchange membrane photoelectrolysis cell Ryan Neubig, MS, Penetration of nanoparticles into a biofilm from a bulk fluid.

George Obeng, MS, A game theoretical model for prevention of meat contamination at a meat packing house. Emily Saracusa, MS, A mathematical model for acid mine drainage removal and iron hydroxide crust formation.

Jacob Trombetta, MS, Time-frequency representation of musical signals using the discrete Hermite transform. Brian Van Scoy, MS, Mathematical model for hydrogen production of a proton exchange membrance photoelectrochemical cell.

Combinatorial problems related to the representation theory of the symmetric group Corey Lyons, MS. Numerical simulation of calcium carbonate formation Kendall Maurer, MS. Use of a diffusive approximation of radiative transfer for modeling thermophotovoltaic systems Matt Hoffman, MS.

Use of a diffusive approximation of radiative transfer for modeling thermophotovoltaic systems Dan Musser, MS.

University of akron thesis

On propagation of heat in atomistic simulations Korey Kilburn, PhD. Bifurcation and boundary layer analysis for graphene sheets Amineh Abdel-Qader.Finding Theses and Dissertations Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center (OhioLINK) Masters and doctoral theses and dissertations from participating OhioLINK member institutions.

LIANG, TIAN "Structure and properties of rubbers and their blends affected by ultrasonically assisted extrusion." Electronic Thesis or Dissertation.

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Michael Bellissimo, MS, A lower bound on the distance between two partitions in a Rouquier block. Oliver Evans, MS, Modelling the Light Field in Macroalgae Aquaculture.

The University of Akron’s Graduate School offers advanced degrees in liberal arts, the sciences and various professional fields. Appropriate topics for consideration in the journal.

Graduate Faculty Appointment Levels Level 1 sample thesis statement on technology Qualifications. university of akron dissertations The University of Akron is the public research university for Northern Ohio. The University of Akron -- one of the top public universities in Ohio and the nation -- is focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth.

University of akron thesis
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