Unexpected event that change my life

Over the last few years, my life was shaken up by dramatic circumstances. I resisted the impermanence of these events in my life and struggled with embracing change. When I resisted the lessons that change brought, a roller coaster of changes continued to materialize. From a comfortable life in Northern California, they uprooted themselves and my two younger brothers and moved back to Asia.

Unexpected event that change my life

Email Page Print Page Life changing events happen to all of us. Important events change the course of life from that day forward. The ones we choose are usually exciting and filled with anticipation: All change the course of events in our lives from that day on and we step willingly into them.

Individual crisis that most everyone eventually gets a turn at. The call that a loved one is dying, an accident that changes life forever, a diagnose, a breakup, a job loss all change the course of life from that moment on and we find individuals forging on in places they have not stepped willingly.

Take for example the tragedy that happened on September 11If we are over the age of twenty, that day still feels so fresh. We distinctly remember where we were when the news came of that first airplane flying into the Twin Towers in New York.

The shock and the disbelief, coupled with the slow dawning realization that our world had changed that day forever, blindsided most of us. Many individual stories filled the following days. Courage and heroism; panic and agony; kindness and sacrifice. Individual lives changed forever in a moment as we all witnessed and watched and felt our own hearts torn with the loss we could barely comprehend.

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Learning from one another As we collectively mourn and remember this tragic day we also see some life lessons emerging. We see nuggets of wisdom and strength that we can take from this shared world-changing event, into our own quiet hardships and disasters.

The past years have shown us the powerful strength of the human spirit. Courage and resolve to move forward As a city, New York has refused to be defined by this tragedy. She does not cower in fear and refuse to move on.

This loss has somehow made this city stronger. In a world that has seen more than enough tragic events, we find a courage and resolve to keep moving.

The lessons we see on a collective world-wide scale can be translated into lessons of strength as we push on in our own private world of difficult and unsought change. Choose how you will be defined … by your loss or by your strength. Walk forward with your eyes focused on the future. When facing great loss there can be a sense that there is no future.

Choose daily to walk with your eyes looking forward. Do something small each day to keep pressing on. Walking with your eyes cast backward is a sure way to trip and stumble.Unexpected event that change my life forever Unexpected event that change my life foever because when Face a sudden crises that impact my means.

When my. Unexpected Event That Changed My Life. I want to share with you five things that I implemented into my life that created amazing, compounding change, and completely shifted the direction and energy of my life.I came to them through reading, talking with others, and taking an honest look at my circumstances and the chain of events that led .

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Unexpected event that change my life forever | Essay Example

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Unexpected event that change my life

In addition, external sources of income or safety nets can change without warning. Your plans should include contingencies in the event of job loss, reduction of retiree benefits or changes to Social Security and Medicare.

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