Then city and the country

Background[ edit ] A map of Tulsa in Greenwood was in northern Tulsa. Post- World War Inortheastern Oklahoma had a racially and politically tense atmosphere.

Then city and the country

City dwellers live very complicated urban lives whereas those who live in the countryside have simpler, rural lifestyles.

This is one of the most common assumptions that we make about city life and country life. The main difference between city and country is that the population is more concentrated in the city than in the country.

What is City City is a large and a highly populated area. As mentioned above, the population of a city is more concentrated than in towns or villages. Therefore, the city often seems to be a very crowded place. Traffic jams, crowded public trains and buses, busy shopping malls, swarming streets are some of the scenes that come to our mind when we hear the word city.

City also has some other disadvantages caused due to the high population.

What is City

Pollution, noise, lack of privacy, housing problems are some of the major issues experienced by people living in cities. Perhaps due to this busy life, a difference can be noted in the people who live in cities.

They tend to be more ambitious, busier and distant compared to people living in the countryside. At the same time, cities also offer many advantages. A city is technologically more advanced and complex than the countryside. There are many facilities like first-class hospitals, educational institutes, banks, shops and other business institutes.

We can access the facilities provided by these institutes and organizations whenever we want, which makes our lives very easy. City also has developed infrastructure facilities like electricity, water, telecommunication, and transportation facilities.

What is Country Country can be defined as a small community in a rural area. The country is calm and quiet, unlike the city. The abundance of natural resources, the close to nature lifestyle which can be spent in the country are some of the main advantages of country life. However, the country is not as technologically developed as a city; therefore, those who live in the country face some difficulties in obtaining facilities such as medication and education.

Since the country is not polluted as the city, the country air is fresh and beneficial to health. The people living in the country are often kind and friendly. They are affectionate and ready to help each other.

In addition, the cost of living is relatively low in the countryside. But there are also fewer job opportunities in the country.

Country has a smaller population.


Facilities City offers many modern facilities. Country does not offer many modern facilities. Employment Opportunities City offers more employment opportunities. Country offers fewer employment opportunities. Nature City distances people from nature.May 09,  · “This biracial Southern city dominated by white men throughout all of its history has become, by many measures, the single most ethnically diverse major metropolitan area in the country.

Feb 09,  · 2.

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Life in the city is fast-paced, while life in the country is more laid back. 3. The city is polluted, while the country has fresher air and lesser waste. 4. Housing, food, and other needs are more expensive in the city, while you can grow your own food in the country and housing is cheaper.


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Then city and the country

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