The worst feeling

Thousands of Reddit users have already shared their thoughts on the best feelings in the world and have now turned their attention to some of the worst.

The worst feeling

Posted on June 16, by mommybeing …is not being betrayed, or having your heart broken or being lonely. The worst feeling in the world is helplessness. I went to see a friend last weekend.

She has always been there for me. And I mean always. We have been friends since we were 6 years old.

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Although I have not always been there for her and we have had our differences bound to happen over a stretch of 33 years! I can call her anytime for anything. I arrived at her house with the kids in tow who went off to play with her daughter.

She was not in a good space. But, she cooked me lunch and as we wanted to sit down at the table she knocked her wine over.

There was red wine everywhere. In the butter, all over her table cloth, in the food.

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It was a spectacular mess. Now me, I would have lost my shit right there and probably have ruined the rest of the visit. She surveyed the mess and called out to her husband: Jeez loueese did we laugh!

For a short while we were both helpless with laughter.

The worst feeling

It was a good feeling. It is a good feeling when you can, if only temporarily, do something.Sep 19,  · Worst feeling is when you just bought a video game and think "what the fuck am i doing i could have spent that money on .

The best way to kick a cold is to drink plenty of fluids and eat phlegm-fighting foods. Here are some of the best ones to pick. Possibly the worst emotion ever felt.

The worst feeling

Makes you feel unbelievably sad, and nothing, not even chocolate can make you also sucks that you try to get over them, but you can't get your mind off them. It's especially harder when they are one of your good friends and they tell you who they like.

jesselingard Dont know what to say, worst feeling i’ve felt in football to date, we didnt deserve to lose but thats football. The fans have been amazing all season they have stuck by us through the ups and downs and i can only say thank you. A short rant on everyone's least favorite holiday.

Unsurprisingly, love and relationships come up a lot when people talk about the worst feelings in the world. Pinterest I'd like to suggest "cramps" and "barfing" as alternates on the list.

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