The process of writing a short story

How is writing a short story different than writing a novel? These are tough questions to answer because there are as many types of short stories as there are types of novels.

The process of writing a short story

The imagination is the essence that turns and idea into something tangible at the end. To write creatively you need to have an insatiable curiosity about what makes people tick. All writers are students of human nature, and are therefore constantly striving to explain the world to their readers.

Working method The way you approach your writing is just as important as how you write. There is no right or wrong way because every writer is different. Planning is helpful because you can plot your story or novel with main points. Again, there is no right or wrong in this approach.

Some writers hardly plan at all but simply write and see where it leads them.

What you want in each chapter, how you want to organise your characters, sub plots, minor characters and so on. Some writers find it useful to draw line maps or bubble maps. Use whatever approach feels best for you. Writing Strategies By using a flow chart similar to the one shown below, you should be able to produce crisp, polished work, which demonstrates creativity, perception, and originality.

You will need to formulate a way of pushing together all your ideas and research. This means thinking carefully about your characters and your plot, how the story unfolds and develops — from planning and visualising, to creatively writing it down.

Decide the intended impact of the story and be sure to include key events that will lead to a satisfactory ending. Always try to visualise your story whilst writing. Simple writing strategy flowchart: Use the best strategy for you.

Research There should be some degree of accuracy within your writing, and research is vitally important to make your story real.

How to Write a Short Story

You may find you have to write a scene about Bulgarian Police, or you have a scene set on a mountainside Editing The process of stripping away the waffle, the blatant errors and plot flaws etc is one of the most important processes in story writing.

Your end result will be tighter and better.Jul 04,  · Creative writing lessons: Creative Writing tips, advice and lessons from bestseller Stephen King - Duration: The Write Channel with Nicola Valentine , views. Michael continues his short story about finding time to write your short story, book, or article and the distractions that help you procrastinate.

Sep 04,  · One other thing the writing process asks of us is the confidence to start and finish a novel/short story. Without it, your stories will never get finished.

the process of writing a short story

Elements of the writing process. A Shocking (and Fun) Short Story Writing Technique By: Guest Column | May 17, You’ve probably been taught that short stories follow the time-revered rule: Limit your story to a specific time, place, event, interaction, or character’s evolution.

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