The future of football

Michael Colangelo November 20, 8: Have you heard about this? The Chiefs-Rams game is now what future football is going to be. Every team is going to be out there slinging the ball around the field.

The future of football

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Comment Despite losing the season finale to rival Iowa, Nebraska football has proven that its future is bright, ending the season with four wins in six games.

Just one week after recording that signature win Scott Frost needed to get off his feet at Nebraska, the Cornhuskers went on the road and took rival Iowa down to the wire, ultimately losing on a last-second yard field goal by the Hawkeyes.

Despite this loss, though, the Cornhuskers look like future contenders in the Big Ten West. After an start to the season, Frost looked to be headed toward disaster in his first campaign with the Cornhuskers.

Then, he got his guys to believe in his system.

The future of football

They finished the year with four wins in their final six games, including wins over Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan State and near-victories over Ohio State and Iowa. The Cornhuskers, who were the laughing stock of the Big Ten for the first half of the season, were just eight points away from bowl eligibility.

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He helped lead the Cornhuskers back from a fourth-quarter deficit to tie it up with a beautifully-executed two-point conversion completion in the back of the end zone. The Big Ten should be aware of the budding monster that is Nebraska. Mike Riley left the Cornhuskers in shambles heading into the season and Frost was there to pick up the pieces, finish the recruiting class off on a high note and retain most of the key players who would help them win games.

Fast forward to the season finale and the Cornhuskers have to feel better about the future.

Nebraska is only going to get better from here.Each ball has been designed by professional athletes for tomorrows future pros. Visit ESP Future for all coaching videos and the latest content ESPN Future Pro, Junior heartoftexashop.comimately x x Inches.9 to 12 years.

Nov 08,  · Bob Costas on the future of football: 'This game destroys people's brains' Speaking at a sports symposium, broadcaster Bob Costas calls decline of football the most significant story in .

Information, pictures and more of future NFL stadiums. Thank you Blue Gold News for getting that on camera! I have been a lifelong fan of the Mountaineers, even through the highs and lows that it comes with. Watch video · In the future, the average college football player will be making $70, a year.

Perhaps that’s on the low end, but as part of a players’ union, salary isn’t the only number he’ll be. The future of football has presented itself repeatedly over the course of the last week and in many different forms. It has visited us in new moves to change the very architecture of the game.

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