Onida electronics new product launch

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Onida electronics new product launch

Onida therefore decided to increase its market share across all categories. Onida, which was better known as a 'inch television company,' wanted to rejuvenate the brand by entering the 14 inch and 20 inch segments.

Soon after the launch in Mumbai, G Sundar Sundarexecutive vice-president of Onida, invited 80 dealers to discuss how to make the Onida brand appealing to the youth. Onida finally decided to use the cricket World Cup as a vehicle to rejuvenate the brand. Sundar banked on the World Cup to push Onida 'Candy', the 'cute, funky, nifty, little product.

It seemed to be an ideal product launch before the World Cup. With this strategy in mind, Onida started marketing Candy more aggressively than its other products.

Hoardings were put up at prime locations in Mumbai. Just before the World Cup, Candy was launched nationally Soon after the New Delhi Asiad, two brothers, Gulab and Sonu Mirchandani identified an opportunity in the nascent television market.

Sonu entered the television market in the northern and eastern parts of the country through his company, Monica Electronics, and Gulab entered the TV market in the south and west of India with Mirc Electronics. Onida was launched in Types of Washing Machines in India 1.

Washer Only / Portable Mini Washing Machines under Rs. If you are looking for budget washing machine under the price range of Rs.

Onida electronics new product launch

then this is the best category. These washers are suitable for bachelors or homes with small space. Mirc Electronics, owners of the Onida brand, will use the tagline ‘owner’s pride’ for its new campaign to mark the launch of a line-up of premium products including an LED television with.

ONIDA is one of the largest television manufacturing companies in INDIA. It is one of the largest and rapid growing companies in the same field.

Onida electronics new product launch

Onida as a company was founded in as a public company. Its head quarter is in MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA. Onida deals in a . Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan. Presenting the best online prices for Latest Onida Televisions in India as on 19 Oct In the last 3 months there have been 84 new launches and the most recent one is Onida 55UIB cm Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV priced at 47, Other Popular products which were recently launched include.

11) Sharp – The product range includes LCD TV, normal TV, home appliances like refrigerators, microwave oven, plasmacluster ion generator & heartoftexashop.com company has also recently launched an aggressive strategy to sell ACs in the market..

Besides the company listed above other companies are Videocon Group, Akai, GE, Seimens, .

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