Marketing analysis of festivals

Tanja Armenski Music festivals are often seen as the key drivers of cities economy, and hence there is an increasing interest in the numerous benefits and costs associated with hosting them. The local governments and event organizers usually focus on the economic benefits, but the social impacts may have an even more profound effect upon the quality of life of local community.

Marketing analysis of festivals

Meetings planners and event promoters often focus on the successful execution of logistics as the key determinant as to whether an event is successful. Understanding whether or not an event is truly successful or not starts with reviewing the goals for the happening. Using a SWOT analysis that examines strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will help you plan effectively to meet your goals.

Strengths Start with reviewing the reason or reasons you are holding a meeting. Go beyond simple descriptions such as education and training, employee morale-building or customer demonstrations.

Write your macro goal, then the reasons for this goal.

SWOT Analysis in Event Planning

Your business outcomes, such as booking new clients or improving worker productivity, will become the strengths of your event, rather than factors such as attendance or hitting budget.

If your main event goal is to produce revenue, cost-control, as well as income, will be a strength. A lack of competition and free media coverage are often strengths if you rely on public attendance, donations, sponsorships and revenue for success. Weaknesses Not all weaknesses are reasons for bailing on an event.

Weaknesses for events often include high conference center expenses, such as room rates, audiovisual fees and food and beverage costs that can be significantly higher than if you rented your own space and brought in your own items. Your mailing list and marketing options can be weaknesses if you rely on attendance for success, while an inability to generate press coverage is also a weakness if you rely on attendance and sponsorships for success.

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Threats Plan the basic logistics of your event before you start considering threats. Your logistics, along with your goals, will help you best determine threats.

Common event threats include bad weather, competition, expensive airfares or room rates, poor dates, inability to find a title sponsor, poor speakers and a downturn in the economy that reduces education and travel budgets.

Marketing analysis of festivals

Opportunities The key to creating a successful commercial event is to satisfy a demonstrated need in the marketplace. Surveying potential attendees and sponsors will help you identify opportunities to make your meeting reach its peak potential.

Exploit multiple facets of your event to generate increased sponsorship participation. If you provide name badges, sell logo space on the lanyards that come with them, or have a sponsor provide them.

Offer to let sponsors host your meals, refreshment breaks and cocktail parties. About the Author Sam Ashe-Edmunds has been writing and lecturing for decades. He has worked in the corporate and nonprofit arenas as a C-Suite executive, serving on several nonprofit boards.

He is an internationally traveled sport science writer and lecturer.1 FESTIVALS, EVENTS AND TOURISM Bernadette Quinn INTRODUCTION The study of festivals and events is now an important and prolific area of tourism.

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The Four Essentials to Effective Craft Beer Marketing With so many small craft beer breweries sprouting, guerrilla marketing is the way to go As a craft brewer, marketing is one of your biggest challenges. Upcoming Events.

Check out the details on our upcoming events on the PMI Toronto Business Analysis Community Events Calendar. Previous Events. For all past event details, please visit the PMI Toronto Business Analysis Community Events Calendar. Summer’s here and for most communities, that means the season of outdoor fairs, festivals and other events is underway.

For a small business, community events like these can be a great opportunity to market your products and services to local residents and other event-goers.

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Nov 27,  · Festivals are often cash cows for the music industry, and is proving to be no different. Below are the most significant trends among the top 50 festivals .

Marketing analysis of festivals

Whether a large food festival like the Taste of Chicago or a smaller version of the same, planning community festivals is a significant responsibility for local government and municipal event planners.

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