Instructions for assignment

There are a couple of ways your instructor can add you to a class. They can either add you to a class directly using your email address or give you a class ID and enrollment key to let you self-join. Both ways will create the exact same type of account. If your instructor has supplied you with a Class ID and join key:

Instructions for assignment

To view their final projects, browse the Final Instructions Projects category on the class blog. Additional info on this assignment was provided in class and on calendar entries. You will choose one of the following formats: Examples of appropriate web sites include wikiHow.

If you know of others I should add to this list, please send them to me by email. If you decide to make a screencast or video tutorial, your project will be in video format. You still need to pick a site to post the video on. The purpose of your instructions article is to guide members of your target audience through the steps needed to accomplish a specific task, but who exactly is included in your target audience depends on the nature of the task and the level of previous experience required.

The topic should also be one on which a good set of instructions does not already exist. Because the instructions genre is itself a form of technical writing, the topic you choose to cover in your instructions does not need to be technical in nature.

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But the topic should allow you the opportunity to practice writing a set of instructions you would be proud to show a future employer as a writing sample. The topic should not promote activity that is illegal, borderline illegal, unethical, or dangerous. The topic also should not lead a reader to do something that most people would consider irresponsible, immature, or unprofessional.

The topic must be one that at least three or four of your fellow classmates will be able to actually user-test, so that they can give you feedback on how well the instructions work in a real-world scenario.

That means you should choose topics that most college students will be able to complete or you should check with the class to find out who might have the necessary special equipment or knowledge to complete your task.

Not every topic would work well as a screencast, for example, so think carefully about the relationship between topic, audience, and format. The topic should have a moderate difficulty level. The topic should also be moderately substantial in scope, by which I mean that if you were to print it out as an article or a transcript for a videoit might span three to five pages, give or take.

The number of steps you include depends on the nature of your task, so there is no required number, but aim for at least six or seven steps.

Keep in mind that each action you want your reader to take should go in a new step, with the action expressed as the opening phrase of the step, so some steps might have very little information while others have a lot.

It depends on your topic. The most important feature is that the steps should be delivered in bulleted-list language rather than in lengthy paragraphs. Each step should open with an action phrase that describes the action the reader should take. Action phrases start with verbs, such as: Each time you direct readers to take a new action, start a new step.


If you need to tell readers what will happen after they follow a particular step, put that information at the end of the step rather than in a new step. Another relevant feature is the use of screen shots, diagrams, or photos to help readers visualize each step.

You might also include hyperlinks to resources that would help readers better understand more complex parts of the process. See the About tab in the top menu.Benefits.

The primary usefulness of SSA comes from how it simultaneously simplifies and improves the results of a variety of compiler optimizations, by simplifying the properties of example, consider this piece of code. Update your assignment instructions as appropriate. 4.

Decide whether you will distribute the assignment instructions in class (paper) or online.

Instructions for assignment

If online, in what file format will you distribute the assignment instructions (e.g., html, pdf, rtf, or proprietary word processing. ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Step One: 1. Begin the assignment by taking ten length measurements of various parts of your body.

This set of measurements should have some type of conceptual alignment such as a set of circumferences or series of length measurements of diferent appendages. Record each. Instructions Assignment The boot process is an event that occurs in a computer or server that begins the process of starting the computer.

Many different issues can . Assignment Step-by-Step Instructions. Part 1: Research Paper. Research the photographer from your set listed under Week 4 – Robert Rauschenberg.

Look up the photographer in your textbook, check for references in the Week 4 lectures, conduct thorough Internet searches, or visit your local library.; Make notes in your own words while researching.

Online Technical Writing: Instructions Assignment For this assignment, read the sections on instructions and information structures in the online textbook, and then write a set of instructions.. To guide you through this assignment, try using the instructions planner, which will take you through every step necessary to produce this writing project.

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