How to write a handout for a presentation

You put all kinds of preparation into putting together an amazing presentation, and finding the perfect examples to prove your points. Your presentation is infused with memorable anecdotes, terrific insights, great visuals and even a wry joke here or there. Good speakers and lecturers usually give handouts to accompany their speeches. As a result, a great handout can make your presentation more memorable.

How to write a handout for a presentation

It is the root element of SlidePart. It is the root element of SlideLayoutPart. It is the root element of SlideMasterPart.

It is the root element of NotesMasterPart. The first overloaded method takes three parameters: Open presentationFile, True ' Pass the source document and the position and title of the slide to be inserted to the next method.

The first section of the method creates the slide and sets its properties. AppendChild new GroupShapeProperties ; ' Insert the specified slide into the presentation at the specified position. PresentationPart ' Verify that the presentation is not empty.

BodyPropertiesnew Drawing. ListStylenew Drawing. Dim titleShape As DocumentFormat. ShapeProperties ' Specify the text of the title shape. Paragraph ; ' Declare and instantiate the body shape of the new slide.

BodyPropertiesNew Drawing. ListStyleNew Drawing. Paragraph The final section of the second overloaded InsertNewSlide method creates a new slide part, finds the specified index position where to insert the slide, and then inserts it and saves the modified presentation.

Save slidePart ' Modify the slide ID list in the presentation part.

how to write a handout for a presentation

ChildElements 0SlideId. Save End Sub Sample Code By using the sample code you can add a new slide to an existing presentation. In your program, you can use the following call to the InsertNewSlide method to add a new slide to a presentation file named "Myppt The following is the complete sample code in both C and Visual Basic.

Open presentationFile, True Using presentationDocument 'Pass the source document and the position and title of the slide to be inserted to the next method. GroupShapeProperties ' Declare and instantiate the title shape of the new slide.

Dim bodyShape As DocumentFormat. Paragraph ' Create the slide part for the new slide.

how to write a handout for a presentation

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How To Quickly Create Effective Presentation Handouts