Honda operations management

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Honda operations management

Based on Hill, T. Product design and process selection 3. The idea comes from the customers, competitor activity, and Honda operations management and development department within an organization. Organization needs to understand customer expectations and if appropriate, manage those expectations by questionnaire, market research, customer trial experience.

Competitors are ones who have the same target market with you. It is essential to bring in their ideas as a source of references.

Honda operations management

Benchmarking, the process of comparison between the leading one with yourself and absorbing the effective performance to motivate yourself, is often used to generate new ideas. As its name implies, the functions of this department should include new knowledge and ideas generation, so it is the source of concept.

The second step is screening. The organization would evaluate the concept in terms of feasibility, acceptability and vulnerability which are related closely with different departments, for example, marketing, manufacture, finance and so on.

Honda operations management

The third step is testing. At this stage prototypes are designed to function cognitive specification into practical specification. The fourth step is evaluation and improvement. Through analysis on the level feasibility, improvement will take place.

The fifth one is the final design which specifies the characteristics of the products, the material chosen, resource allocation, equipment used, and supply chain positioning. Honda creates a special department to accelerate the product design.

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The pollutants emission can be reduced with high efficiency of fuel by its high technology. Honda also adopts a particular replacement system whose function is to reduce development lead time and supply varied products flexibly in term of seen components, such as exterior body shape, the interior design and lights; and unseen components, such as new engines, gearboxes, and braking system.

If one product needs to be produced in a high volume and a low variety, the standard process will be adopted. This process is featured by repetitive line with single-purposed machine and less-skilled workforce. For example; computers are designed in this way.

These standardized modules can be produced in higher volume, thereby reducing their cost, conversely, if product need to be manufactured in high variety and low volume, the customized process which needs flexible line and diversified skills would be accommodated to it.

Analysis on Honda Operations Management

Small changes in the design of products and services can have big influence on the ways the operation eventually has to produce them; on the contrary, the design of a process can constrain the freedom of product and service designers to operate as they wish.

De Wit,B et Meyer,R Supply Chain Management 4. From the definition, we can conclude that it focuses on two elements. First is satisfying end customers effectively.

Honda adds clout to North America management, operations

Supply chain management likes a net connecting so many aspects and coordination them to serve their own customers with the awareness of final customer needs. A key quality of all operation is: Analysis on supply chain in terms of identifying bottleneck, balancing capacity and coordinating the flow of materials will have profound impact on effective supply chain management.

First is purchasing and supply management on the supply side. The objective of purchasing and supply management is to ensure the products and services be of right quality, be delivered at right quantity, price and time and be flexible in terms of specification and delivery time.Analysis on Honda Operations Management Abstract This paper critically analyzes the elements of operation management, such as operation strategy, product design, process selection, supply chain management, quality control and operation improvement.

Operations Management Honda: Honda Motor Company, Ltd is a Japanese multinational corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. Honda is the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles as well as the world's largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines measured by volume, producing more %(2).

Honda Management and Organization 1. The Power of Dreams Principles of Management Section Assembly Lines An example of the way Honda manages operations is when they use tracking software to monitor when motors and other machinery go into service. This has brought significant cost savings to Honda, making Honda very .

The case is about design and quality issues at Japanese multinational corporation Honda Motors Co. Ltd. (Honda Motors). The case examines in detail Honda Motors’ journey as the world’s leading automobile company and the problems it later faced.

Operations Management Honda: Honda Motor Company, Ltd is a Japanese multinational corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles%(2). Our Team - The Honda Way Abbotsford. Toggle navigation.

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