Evaluate the business implications of your pr campaign

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Evaluate the business implications of your pr campaign

Sexual orientation Political opinions If you collect any of this information about individuals, then you need to comply with the GDPR regulation when collecting and storing their data. What areas does the GDPR cover?

Evaluate the business implications of your pr campaign

Apart from the fact it gives EU customers the control over their personal data, the General Data Protection Regulation also changes the approach of companies towards data privacy.

First, people will have to confirm that their information can be collected, and the consent is harder to obtain. The privacy policy is much clearer and ought to say what type of data is stored and how it will be used. Then, users will have the right to withdraw the consent to use the personal information.

Thus, the organizations will be forced to delete the data. GDPR implies binding corporate rules for the legal transfer of data. If companies do not comply with the Regulation, they will deal with increased fines and enforcement powers.

Here you can find some of the most important changes brought by GDPR and a short description of each of them: Right to access If your customers request a copy of their data, you will have to provide it for free. Right to be forgotten Once a client requests the controller to delete their personal datayou will have to comply.

Thus, any other third-parties will not have access to the data, either. Right to rectification Your customers will need to have easy access to the data you collected about them and have a way of edit it when they want to.

Data portability The Regulation gives individuals the right to request the access to their information in an electronic format.


Then, they can transfer their data to a different controller. Data breach notification Both controllers and clients ought to be informed in case of lost data, hacks, leaks, or other data breaches within 72 hours from the moment they become aware of it.

Privacy by design All systems should be designed bearing in mind the data protection and data compliance. You can read more about this topic below.

Data protection officers GDPR mentions that companies and organizations that have as core activities processing personal information or monitor individuals on a large scale have to appoint a data protection officer.

It replaces the previous laws that required notifying the local Data Protection Authorities concerning their activities.

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What else is new? As a business, you will have to invest in pseudonymization, which includes changes to the information so that it cannot be personally identified.

The Regulation covers only the personal data — what the US refers to as personally identifiable information PII — name, address, email, account names, phone numbers, and IP address location data. Through pseudonymization, the organizations will replace the identifiers with codes.

Is it better than encryption? Your company cannot strip the personal data from the content. Consult the experts, and they will explain to you that encryption is impractical when it comes to securing the file data. Yes, you read that right! Your company needs pseudonymization since it reduces the burdens of the GDPR and you can do it on a large scale, as well.

What you need is an intake system that processes and converts the personal data into codes. Then, use a master table to connect the codes with the real identifiers.

It is necessary for the processes that demand the original raw data. Instead of using Brexit as an excuse, learn how to stick to the rules and attain compliance. What about Privacy by Design?

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As a result, businesses and organizations will minimize the amount of the personal data collected. By default, companies will not store personal information of their users for longer than it is necessary for a specific purpose. Plus, they will have to ensure their customers that their data will not be available to an indefinite number of individuals without the express consent of users.

The approach of Privacy by Design is vital to minimize the privacy risks and build confidence.

Evaluate the business implications of your pr campaign

Why do you have to design the products, processes, systems, or projects with privacy in mind? Because it will help you to detect the potential problems at an early stage; thus, you will address them timely and at minimum costs.

The actions will no longer be privacy intrusive, and they will not hurt customers. Additionally, the overall awareness of privacy and data protection increases in business, while the companies will be less likely to breach the DPA Data Protection Act.🔥Citing and more!

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Used as accountability tools to monitor best practices and to establish Key Performance Indicators for each stage of the campaign so that PR activities support management strategies and expectations.

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This presentation on evaluating public relations campaigns is an excerpt from a presentation conducted by Shrita Sterlin of Penn Strategies. Shrita conducted this presentation at a forum held by the Center for Nonprofit Success on November 3, in Washington, DC.

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