Essay on the cult of domesticity

The Public Sphere was immoral, full of temptation, violence, and trouble, while the Private Sphere was moral, passive, a haven where man could be protected Lavender, 1. This resulted in a change as to how the household would be maintained. Cooking and cleaning would now be done by the woman, putting much time and effort into each task.

Essay on the cult of domesticity

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Many of the ideals specifically submissiveness, domesticity and piety present in the Cult of Domesticity, are represented in these stories and poems.

Here she wants the children and future generation to believe in Christianity. She is describing his power and people having to worship him. Submissiveness is also show in many other poems.

Mallard experienced a myriad of conflicting emotions throughout an hour because of the loss of her husband. She was reliant on her husband for life before. He was her main driving force of her life before his supposed death and was her only reason of living.

Essay on the cult of domesticity

Until that point she lived only for his purposes and was now her own person. It was only yesterday had she thought with a shudder that life might be long. When she was living with her husband it is clear that hoping her life would be short, that he had always made her unhappy usually by keeping her submissive.

Body and soul free! She would always have to be submissive to him and nobody cared about what she wanted. It shows that her husband would always take control and she would have no power in the household. As a part of being submissive, she cannot resist and is forced to doe everything he says without question.

Essay on the cult of domesticity

This shows how women were supposed to be viewed as in the house hold. Writing is an intellectual work that a woman could not possibly do.

Domesticity requires them to be focused on the house because they are not intelligent enough to write. In all of the stories and poems the ideals of submissiveness, piety, and domesticity are present and express the Cult of domesticity. All these stories and po ems represent how women were treated in a largely patriarchal society where the Cult of Domesticity rule over women.

More essays like this:The Cult of True Womanhood Essay keepers of the home, women were in charge of taking care of their family’s need and making sure the home was in exceptional order. This lifestyle was commonly called The Cult of True Womanhood.

Cult of Domesticity Securing the 19th Century Woman in the Home During the Antebellum age of America, new values and ideals began to arise. These ideals were reflected in the households of middle class citizens and grouped together to . Cult of True Womanhood Outline Essay Words | 3 Pages.

The Cult of True Womanhood: Barbara Welter Thesis: A “true women” in the 19th Century was one who was domestic, religious, and chaste.


These were virtues established by men but enforced and taught by other women. With this gendered structural system that perpetuates the society until today, women are faced with the hard choices between their careers or home.

Ultimately, Linda Brent is caught between the vile, abusive practices of slavery and the idealized “cult of domesticity.” By focusing almost entirely on the narratives of male slaves, critics have left out half the picture. The Cult of Domesticity was created to work effortlessly with the middle class, and was also known as the “Perfect Family” (Myth).

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, families were dependent on every family member to provide for the household.

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