Comparative customer satisfaction of airtel vodafone

Significance of the Study In today's highly competitive economy, innovative ideas and brilliant employees are key factors to remaining ahead of competitors.

Comparative customer satisfaction of airtel vodafone

UK Vodafone Hungary was formed as a subsidiary company in July The Vodafone brand in Italy was introduced as Omnitel-Vodafone inwhich became the primary brand in ; finally the current name Vodafone Italia was introduced indropping "Omnitel" altogether.

In FebruaryRadiolinja of Finland joined as a partner network and later changed its name to Elisa. Cyta agreed to rename its mobile phone operations to Cytamobile-Vodafone. After the sale, Vodafone Sweden became a partner network. After the deal, Proximus remained part of the community as a Partner Network.

Comparative customer satisfaction of airtel vodafone

After the deal, Swisscom would still be part of the community as a Partner Network. In addition, Vodafone Turkey also gives service in Northern Cyprus. Portal pages which could previously be browsed at no cost were now charged for, and "bundled" data allowance was removed from existing contract terms.

Vodafone UK was ranked 13th, whilst Spain was listed in 16th place.

Comparative customer satisfaction of airtel vodafone

Vodafone Global Enterprise A map showing the countries where Vodafone Global Enterprise has operations coloured in red Vodafone Global Enterprise is the business services division, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone Group. It was established in April to provide telecommunications and information technology services to large corporations.

This was discontinued in December after disappointing hardware sales. M-Paisa was targeted as a vehicle for microfinance institutions' MFI loan disbursements and repayments, alongside business-to-business applications such as salary disbursement.

Below are some examples of their initiatives: The previous slogan, sincewas 'Power to You'.Comparative Customer Satisfaction of Airtel &Vodafone Essay COMPARATIVE OF CONSUMER SATISFACTION BETWEEN AIRTEL 1 AND VODAFONE CONSUMER A consumer is an individual who purchase or has the capacity to purchase goods and services offered for sale by marketing institutions in order to satisfy personal or household needs, wants or desires.

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a comparative study between airtel and vodafone users in city of mumbai. The Indian telecommunications Network with m telephone connections is the fifth largest in the world and is the second largest among the emerging economies of Asia. A Comparative Study on Customer Satisfaction With Reference to Vodafone and Airtel in Lucknow City.

A Comparative Study on Customer Satisfaction Towards Online Banking Services With Reference to Icici and Hdfc Bank in Lucknow.

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