Book report on animal farm

Whymper, Moses Point of View: Green flag with hoof and horn - Green fields of England and future of the Animal republic. Major tells animals his dream about the Rebellion and freedom for animals Narrative Hook:

Book report on animal farm

Orwell hoped to write a novel that exposed the truth of the Soviet System. He created a story to show a truth that remained unclear to many. Animal Farm introduces its readers to a wide assortment of characters, each serving as a symbol to the real-life equals they seem to represent.

Each character in Orwell's novel could be interpreted to have a larger meaning. Jones also symbolizes the evils of capitalism and the moral decline of men under this type of society.

Book report on animal farm

The humans stand for the capitalists, who take advantage of the weak. The transformation of the pigs into human-like creatures represents the process by which the revolution's leaders became corrupted Both Old Major and Karl Marx serve as the founders of a revolution, and both die before the revolutionary events they predict will happen.

Snowball represents Leon Trotsky Like Trotsky, Snowball is a smart, young speaker who dreams of making life better for all animals.

While abroad, he was repeatedly thought of as a traitor by his native country, and lies were invented to harm him.

Book report on animal farm

Trotsky was eventually killed in Mexico by Book report on animal farm Russian internal police. Napoleon is not as clever as Snowball. Napoleon is also cruel and selfish. Napoleon is most clearly representative of Joseph Stalin, who, like Napoleon, ruled with an iron fist and killed all those who opposed him He also represents the human weaknesses which eventually weaken even the best political intentions.

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In much the same way that Napoleon used the dogs to control animals, Stalin used the KGB and cleverly worded lies to control his people Squealer is an extremely persuasive speaker.

Squealer convinces all animals to follow the revolution. Squealer is thought to represent Stalin's propaganda machine Many identify Squealer with Pravda, the Russian newspaper of the 's. Orwell has chosen the rest of the pigs to represent the Communist Party loyalists In the early years of the revolution, they were worried about the welfare of the workers.

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As time passed, however, they began to take advantage of their role as leaders. By the end of the book, the ideals of the revolution have been sacrificed, and the pigs are indistinguishable from the farm's original masters.

The dogs represent the pigs' private army. The pigs used the dogs to maintain a climate of terror which silenced all opposition to their rule. The dogs remain completely loyal to Napoleon throughout the novel, much in the way that the KGB faithfully supported Lenin and Stalin Boxer and Clover, the strong, hard-working horses, lived by the words, "I must work harder" Orwell.

Boxer and Clover represent the dedicated "proletariat," Karl Marx's term for the unskilled labor class Rodden They are drawn to the rebellion because they think they will benefit most from its promises.

It was the proletariat in Russian society who remained loyal to Stalin as they built up the Soviet Industrial machine Eventually, they are betrayed by Stalin and the Communist party. Moses, whose name is reference to the Biblical figure, is a symbol for religion and represents Orwell's view of the Church Though Snowball and Napoleon oppose Moses' ideas, he is allowed to remain on the farm because he encourages hard work and obedient behavior.

In addition to the representations of the characters, there all also many symbols in Orwell's story relating to the RussianSalon’s book report on ‘Animal Farm’ shows that Trump is an authoritarian dictator Posted at pm on May 28, by Brett T. Animal Farm is a book written by George Orwell whose real name was Eric Blair published in An all-knowing narrator in the third person tells the story of an animal revolution on a farm located somewhere in England.

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Book Report: Animal Farm. Author: George Orwell. Main Characters: Napoleon, Snowball, Squealer, Boxer.

George Orwell takes the concepts of Communism and capitalism and symbolizes them on a farm in England, Communism being the animal self-rule and capitalism being the human rule of the farm.

He symbolizes the qualities and feelings of the. Animal Farm is almost like a prequel to the book “”, which is also written by George Orwell. One is the step by step process from freedom to tyranny while the other is a world that follows after the tyranny has been established.

Animal Farm book report essays Many authors write about topics that they know and about historical events that are going on while they write their story. In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell this is definitely true.

Orwell modeled many of his characters after Russian leaders.

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He ingeniously dep. Book Report Book: Animal Farm Author: George Orwell 'Animal Farm' is a book written by George Orwell and this is the first time I have read his books. So he is a new author to me. ‘Animal Farm' itself is a special story that many things including the characters represent life and people in the period.

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