Big spaceship ready to go big

Stealth technology, small cargo hold, and a propulsion bus with high acceleration You get the idea. A warship's payload section can include anti-spacecraft weaponsorbital bombardment weapons for revolt suppression type spacecraft as wellweapon mountsweapon control stations, combat information centerarmorpoint defenseweapon heat radiators and heat sinksand anything else that can be used to mission-kill enemy spacecraft.

Big spaceship ready to go big

Fictional background[ edit ] Serenity first appeared in the pilot episode of Joss Whedon 's Fireflywhich is set in the yearin a star system humanity migrated to after using all of Earth's resources. She is the property of Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds Nathan Filliona former sergeant who served on the losing side of a civil war that ended six years before the series began.

At the start of the series, the episode "Serenity" depicts the arrival of the other three members of the ensemble cast as passengers aboard the ship: In the original pilot episode, "Serenity"Serenity is described as a Firefly-class transport ship by an Alliance starship crew, while Shepherd Book identifies her as an "aught three" model, with both parties implying that the class is an old design.

The revelation was made in a deleted scene from the episode "Serenity", where Zoe tells Simon that "Once you've been in Serenity [Valley], you never leave. You just learn to live there. InGeoffrey Mandel, the graphic designer from the film, and Tim Earls, the series illustrator and film set designer, produced an official set of Serenity blueprints, which included technical data for the ship.

Reynolds ", a mechanic from a starship chop shop claims that while the ship is a load of worthless parts and isn't as attractive as other vessels, the value of a Firefly-class ship comes from its durability and ease of repair. The upper deck starts at the head of the ship, with the bridge area.

Next along is the mess and galley, which is followed by another passageway leading to the engine room at the rear of the ship.

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The lower deck starts with the main airlock, which leads directly into the cargo bay. Behind the cargo bay is a common area and the ship's infirmary. At the back end of the lower deck is a number of passenger quarters, ranging in size from small rooms used by the characters to small tubes like those in capsule hotels not seen in detail on screen.

A network of gantries around the walls of the cargo bay extend from the nearby stairwells, and also provide access to the ship's two short-range shuttlecraft, one of which is hired out to Inara as her place of residence and business.

Whedon came up with the idea of building each deck of Serenity as a contiguous set, so that he could establish the size of the spaceship, and film scenes where the actors could be followed as they moved around the ship. Joss Whedon would physically move around on the sets to help him in writing or blocking difficult scenes, [25] Summer Glau playing River Tam would often walk around the set to get into character and prepare for filming, [26] while other cast members would use the set as a green room or a place to relax.

The positions of the various rooms, as well as the general color attributed to them, are depicted. Carey Meyer developed a color scheme for the rooms, generally ranging from warm colors near the engine room to cool colors near the bridge.

The digital model for the ship was re-used from the series, but as it was created for standard-definition televisionthe level of texture and detail had to be significantly increased to the 2K digital cinema definition standard.

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The interior walls were changed from straight to slightly curved sides—designer Tim Earls had learned that rounded surfaces are better for containing pressure.

In the Battlestar Galactica miniseries pilot, a ship resembling Serenity appears in the background of the scene where Laura Roslin Mary McDonnell is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Horrible's Sing-Along Bloga collection of pots and pans hanging in a window in Dr. Horrible's lab created a silhouette resembling Serenity. Horrible was created by Joss Whedon and involved Nathan Fillion as one of the cast both people associated with Firefly it was assumed by fans that the silhouette was an actual Serenity model, or that the pans were deliberately hung to resemble the starship.

The 10th Character, The Official Companion - Volume Two, p. The Official Companion - Volume One, pgs. The Official Companion - Volume One, p.

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Official Serenity Blueprint Set. The Official Companion - Volume Two, pgs. Archived from the original on Big Spaceship has the potential to go big, however it is not the best course of action. Going big would lead to the creation of numerous smaller teams within the agency, consequenting the disunification of the agency as one large team.

Big spaceship ready to go big

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