Benefits of the european union essay

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Benefits of the european union essay

They reflect an important trend in business practice.

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Early in the 20th century, quality was viewed by businesses as an additional cost of production. However, as businesses realized that high quality leads to more efficient and less expensive production processes, the pursuit of quality became a desirable goal. Businesses began to implement quality control programs, and they began to require such programs of their suppliers.

Quality control programs proliferated at the same time that businesses were being globalized. This led to the realization that international quality assurance standards were needed to avoid the need to comply with multiple, conflicting systems. The ISO series is a set of standards for quality management and quality assurance.

The standards apply to processes and systems used to produce products; they do not apply to the products themselves. Further, the standards provide a general framework for any industry; they are not industry-specific.

A company that has a quality management system QMS that is "certified to" ISO has demonstrated that it has a documented QMS in place and that it is applied consistently. The ISO series emphasizes prevention of problems and meeting customers' needs.

ISO standards apply to all companies large or small, whether in services or manufacturing. Before discussing quality standards, it is important to discuss the meaning of quality. Quality refers to the combined features of a product that contribute to its ability to meet identified needs.

Quality assurance processes must balance the needs of the consumer with the needs of the producer, however, the consumer is the ultimate judge of quality.

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The process by which quality is achieved is called quality assurance. Quality assurance includes quality control procedures, quality plans, and other mechanisms. The process of implementing quality assurance standards is called quality management. Quality assurance and quality management are the areas covered by the ISO series.

More thancompanies around the world have been certified to ISOand nearly 1, additional businesses per month seek registration.

And ESVS – the best of Education, Science and Vascular collaboration. The ESVS Academy – great workshops, seminars and training for all. The European Union is a political and economic union of 28 countries. Originally formed in by six countries (then the EEC), the EU has expanded in terms of size and integration. The aim of the EU is to promote European harmony through creating a single market, enabling the free movement of goods, services and people. The European Union And Regional Organizations - The European Union is an international and regional organization in the United Kingdom that unites a variety of countries within the region.

Competitive pressure is considered the primary reason for adopting ISOand in some markets adoption is obligatory. For example, in the European Union, ISO certification is a legal requirement in the medical devices, high-pressure valves, and public transportation markets.

This essay provides an introduction to the ISO series standards. Background is provided including the history of the standards. The contents of the standards are summarized, and the certification process is then described.

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Reasons to adopt the standards and benefits of adoption are later discussed, followed by weaknesses of the standards. This essay concludes by stating that ISO series standards meet important needs and have changed the daily operations of many businesses. But, if the standards are to continue to meet the needs of industry and society they must be continually reviewed and revised.

The ISA focused primarily on mechanical engineering. The idea of quality assurance dates back to World War II.

To deal with quality problems related to manufacturing of defense equipment, the U. Department of Defense instituted one of the first formal quality control programs in the world.

The United Kingdom, influenced by the United States, developed its own quality standards for its defense industry. These standards were conveyed to defense contractors who were expected to implement them to ensure quality defense equipment.

The idea of industry standards continued to spread and develop throughout the world. The ISO published its first standards inand by it had published over 10, standards.

ISO Standards cover a multitude of topics including, but not limited to, paper sizes, a uniform system of measurement, symbols for automobile controls, film speed codes, and an internationally standardized freight container.PSE Conversion Process. by Ron Malunat, Administrative Aide.

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The European Union is a political and economic union of 28 countries.

Benefits of the european union essay

Originally formed in by six countries (then the EEC), the EU has expanded in terms of size and integration. The aim of the EU is to promote European harmony through creating a single market, enabling the free movement of goods, services and people. Imagine you have been asked to write an essay on any event in US or European history.

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Benefits of the european union essay

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