Art gallery introduction

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Art gallery introduction

The audience for exhibitions of contemporary art has increased widely during the recent years as general awareness and interest in contemporary art has developed both in Britain and abroad.

Art gallery introduction

When The Saatchi Gallery first opened over twenty five years ago it was only those who had a dedicated interest in contemporary art who sought out the gallery to see work by new artists.

The audience, however, built steadily over the years and in our new home in King's Road our visitor numbers now exceed 1,5million per annum, with over schools a year organizing student visits. Many artists showing at The Saatchi Gallery are unknown when first exhibited, not only to the general public but also to the commercial art world.

Many of these artists are subsequently offered shows by galleries and museums internationally. In this effect, the gallery also operates as a springboard for young artists to launch their careers.

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Free admission to all our own art exhibitions is part of the Saatchi Gallery's aim to bring contemporary works to the widest audience possible.INTRODUCTION TO THE SAATCHI GALLERY The Saatchi Gallery aims to provide an innovative forum for contemporary art, presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by international artists whose work has been rarely or never exhibited in the UK.

Welcome to the Unofficial Frank Frazetta Fantasy Art Gallery. Gallery tour: Introduction. A small sampling of the gallery. In the last couple of posts I mentioned the importance of sending out (snail mail) letters of introduction to galleries.

Interview with Michel Platnic

The internet may be taking over the universe of marketing but these tried and true traditional techniques work more effectively than ever. Contemporary art gallery in London. Presented and curated by Eva McGaw and Tatiana Palinkasev A major new exhibition bringing together new three-dimensional works by artist Rashid Khalifa.

Seattle art gallery representing sculpture, painting, mixed-media, and photography by national and Northwest artists. Showing works ranging from contemporary realism to non-objective by artists who are ambitious in pushing both their own craft and artistic standards.

Located accross from the Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park in a contemporary industrial atmosphere, the gallery . Get creative with your camera. This introduction to digital photography is for beginners and those with basic photographic skills, and is suitable for anyone making the transition from film to digital SLR.

Learn how to photograph people, places and spaces. Students will focus on lighting, composition and in-camera editing for both close-ups such as portraits and life photography, and for wide.

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