An introduction to the history of the rocky horror picture show

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An introduction to the history of the rocky horror picture show

A Historic, Year Old Treasure. The Esquire Theatre originally opened inshowing silent films and featuring live events on stage. Had the restaurant opened, it would have meant more than the loss of a movie theater; it would have changed the character of the entire Clifton Gaslight neighborhood.

The struggle took place in the s, when the theater closed and attempts to save it failed. Then, restaurant developers came to Clifton, armed with money, lawyers, and a track-record of expansion. Clifton residents quickly opposed their plan. Residents knew they were not only saving a theater, they were also saving the Clifton Gaslight District from proliferation of fast-food chains.

An introduction to the history of the rocky horror picture show

A series of legal battles ensued: Ultimately and some would say, surprisinglythe tenacity of the Cliftonites paid off.

After three years of litigation, they won the case and the theater was saved. At that point, the Clifton Theatre Corp. The theater seats had been removed, the roof was leaking, and the walls were in disrepair.

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They needed to raise money. Finding people to support the idea of an art house movie theater was one thing, getting people to invest in it another.

John Morrison, then President of the Clifton Theatre Corp, approached anyone and everyone who might have been interested in investing to reopen the Esquire. All expressed interest, few invested. For the next six months, there were almost no new films at the Esquire.

Their efforts eventually paid off when they hired Gary Goldman to oversee management. Gary then enlisted Dan Heilbrunn to book the films; between them, they had decades of experience in the business.

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The Esquire has come a long way since then. It will never be a multiplex like its suburban counterparts. That was never the intention. Rather, the owners are committed to showing independent, foreign, low-budget and commercial films — movies they believe interested Cincinnati moviegoers should be given an opportunity to see.

322 BC to 235 AD

Today, the Esquire is solidly entrenched in the Clifton community and is a leading independent theater in its field.Browse Most Popular TV Shows. Discover new favorites, watch full episodes, and interact with other TV fans - 🔥Citing and more!

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show est un film musical américain de Jim Sharman, sorti en et adapté de la comédie musicale de Richard O'Brien, The Rocky Horror Show créée à Londres en Le film fut présenté hors compétition lors du Festival international du film fantastique d'Avoriaz Ce film qui rend un hommage .

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