Afghanistan in constitutions of 1923 1931

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Afghanistan in constitutions of 1923 1931

Gladly we grant and accompany with appropriate privileges your desire, so that, in a spirit of humility, you could provide for the salvation of your own soul and those of others. You have asked us to expose that you, with other three companions who have the same feelings, to be able to dedicate yourselves with more freedom to the will of God and to what pertains to Him, you desire to profess the three substantial vows of religion in the hands of the our venerable brother the Archbishop of Milan or the Vicar General, and at the same rime to establish yourselves and to live in some place of your choice in the city or in the diocese of Milan; for this reason you have implored us that we deign, according to our apostolic benevolence, to paternally condescend to such pious desire of yours.

We, then, adhering to your petition, in virtue of the apostolic authority, with this letter which will always be in vigor also in the future, by special grace, notwithstanding the Constitutions and the general or special Ordinances issued by the Holy See or by provincial or synodal Councils and notwithstanding any other disposition on the contrary, we grant and allow you and each one of you to make such profession in the hands of the said Archbishop or his Vicar; and to those who, in the future, will join you, we grant to make the same profession of the three Vows in the hands of either one of you two or in the ones of the Superior Pro Tempore of your Congregation; and so also we grant you to live together and in common in the place you will select, but under the jurisdiction of the local Ordinary: In the rather quaint language of the day, one of the original Barnabites thus describes the origin of the Order: A member of the noble Carioni family of the Venetian city of Crema, Battista belonged to one of the two Dominican monasteries of Milan; but he was an itinerant reformer.

Anthony Mary met him sometime in ; it was a crucial encounter. The following year, Anthony Mary was ordained. Toward the end ofBattista met the remarkable young widow, Ludovica Torelli, countess of Guastalla a county seat located 90 miles southeast of Milan and 40 miles southeast of Cremona.

Shortly after this meeting, Anthony Mary joined Battista and Ludovica in Guastalla where Battista had just established a cenobitic community.

No doubt, capitalizing on the spiritual affinity of his two young disciples, Anthony Mary, he was 28, and Ludovica, 30, the aging Battista lost no time in returning to Milan with both of them.

It must be remembered that six years earlier, inBattista had prompted Cajetan Thiene to establish the first Order of Clerics Regular, the Theatines, and was constantly on the lookout for opportunities to promote Christian reform. In Milan, which was emerging from the worst period of its history, politically and religiously leaderless, Battista, Anthony Mary and Ludovica joined the Oratory of Eternal Wisdom, a fraternity of clergy and laity dedicated to personal reform.


Morigia belonged to a wealthy and aristocratic Milanese family, and had studied mathematics and architecture. Ferrari too belonged to a wealthy and aristocratic Milanese family.

Having lost both parents and an older brother, he was fortunate to enjoy the loving care and ability of another brother, Basilio, a notary public. When Bartholomew was 19, the ambitious Basilio joined the clergy, but not as a priest, with the remunerative title of Canon.

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Not satisfied with this position, Basilio made a big move. He went to Rome to find success in the papal curia. Fortunately for our Order, he remained very close to his brother, Bartholomew, although in no way did he share his religious ideas.

In the heady atmosphere of Renaissance Rome, Basilio even sired an illegitimate child!

Afghanistan in constitutions of 1923 1931

During the next two years,they kept meeting, sometime in Milan and sometime in Guastalla. Morigia and Ferrari lived in Milan: Morigia, still a layman, in his paternal mansion, and Ferrari, a simple cleric, in rented homes.Russia Index: Chronology c Grand Principality of Rus' (later referred to as.

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Oklahoma City University Law Review; State Constitutions and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, by Robert Dowlut & Janet A. Knoop. Afghanistan - Finance: The largest bank in the country, the Bank of Afghanistan, became the centre of the formal banking system.

It formerly played an important role in determining and implementing the country’s financial policies.

Afghanistan in constitutions of 1923 1931

Traditionally, private money traders provide nearly all the services of a commercial bank. The currency, the afghani, underwent rampant inflation beginning in the. NNDB has added thousands of bibliographies for people, organizations, schools, and general topics, listing more than 50, books and , other kinds of references.

They may be accessed by the "Bibliography" tab at the top of most pages, or via the "Related Topics" box in the sidebar. Please. BARNABITE FATHERS, ANGELIC SISTERS OF AND LAITY OF ST PAUL The very first religious family inspired by St Paul was founded in in Milan by Sant'Antonio Maria Zaccaria ().

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