3 levels of society

It is its own determinant.

3 levels of society

Instrumental Relativist Orientation Level Two: Law and Order Orientation Level Three: Social Contract Orientation Stage 6: Universal Ethical Principle Orientation Stage 3 levels of society Social Contract Orientation Lawrence Kohlberg: Right action tends to be defined in terms of general individual rights and in terms of standards which have been critically examined and agreed upon by the whole society The concern is social utility or public interest.

While rules are needed to maintain social order, they should not be blindly obeyed but should be set up even changed by social contract for the greater good of society.

Right action is one that protects the rights of the individual according to rules agreed upon by the whole society.

What were the three levels of society in New France

Possible Stage 5 responses to Heinz Dilemma: Heinz should steal the drug because everyone has the right to life regardless of the law against stealing. Should Heinz be caught and prosecuted for stealing then the law against stealing needs to be reinterpreted because a person's life is at stake.

The doctor scientist's decision is despicable but his right to fair compensation for his discovery must be maintained. Therefore, Heinz should not steal the drug.

Opposite responses could be given at each stage or different reasons could be given for the same response. Inadequacy of Stage 5 reasoning: How do we arrive at a consensus on the rules that are good for society? Should a majority group impose their preferences on a minority group?

What if you disagree with the decision of the majority? Would you then disobey "their" rules? These principles are abstract and ethical the golden rule, the categorical imperative and are not concrete moral rules like the Ten Commandments.

At heart, these are universal principles of justice, of the reciprocity and equality of human rights, and of respect for the dignity of human beings as individual persons.

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Compare "You shall not steal" with "Do not steal if you want respect in the community. The concern is for moral principles These principles are not concrete moral rules but are universal principles of justice, reciprocity, equality and human dignity. Possible Stage 6 response to Heinz Dilemma: Heinz should steal the drug to save his wife because preserving human life is a higher moral obligation than preserving property.

Inadequacy of Stage 6 reasoning: Our conscience is not an infallible guide to behaviour because it works according to the principles we have adopted. Moreover, who or what determines these universal principles? A vivid illustration of our conscience not being an infallible guide is the story of the Sawi people of New Guinea now called Irian Jaya.

3 levels of society

In the early s, they were cannibals. In Sawi legend, their heroes weren't those who took the greatest number of heads, but those who were the most deceitful in befriending their victims before taking their heads.Society consists of three levels: the upper, middle, and lower class.

This was established by philosophers Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx.

Marx stated his views, known as the Marxist Theory. The Three Levels of Support (ASD Levels 1, 2, and 3) The autism spectrum is incredibly wide and varied. Some people with autism are brilliant while others are intellectually disabled.

Book Reviews. The Three Levels of Leadership has had many five star Amazon reviews from readers around the heartoftexashop.com here for UK Amazon and here for US Amazon reviews.. Below you can read a selection of non-Amazon reviews. The first two appeared in . As Athenian society evolved, free men were divided between Citizens and Metics.

A citizen was born with Athenian parents and were the most powerful group, that . Kohlberg's Level Three - Postconventional Morality so-called because the moral principles that underline the conventions of a society are understood.

At the top of medieval society was the first Estate, the clergy, those who pray. It was the village priest who was to oversee the spiritual life of his flock on the medieval manor. His duties were to administer the necessary sacraments with regularity and consistency.

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